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Boüret is a Prêt-à-couture, cocktail and bridal label that designs and creates true emotions from Galicia.

This fashion label was created in 2010 by the designers Noela Rivera and Vanessa Datorre is focused on women who insist on continuing to be themselves but without surrendering to their own rebellion.

Timeless, contemporary, versatile lines with artisan details that seek to captivate from minute one.

Dream of the Boüret universe!


Our most important premise is to create emotions. That each of our garments make the note go up with its look to our clients. Let them hypnotize wherever they go!

We work for brides to enjoy their creative process from the first draft of their dress, stitching, choice of fabrics and accessories. And that on the day of your wedding you feel true muses.

Because the clothes are made by those who wear them. That dress makes the wearer feel special, is our true goal.

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We care about having the highest quality in our clothing and fabrics.

The garment is entirely made in Spain by a team that sews each seam of a garment with resolution and that also contributes to the social welfare of the state.

In each collection it is made with an exquisite delicacy, mixing textures with delicate and seductive fabrics arrived from Italy, France or Spain.


Sophisticated colors, avant-garde, timeless, elegant, sober are the basis of our collections.

In many of our garments we give the customer the possibility to choose the color that they want.