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Noela Rivera y Vanessa Datorre

Related for an aesthetic complementarity and partners for a passion launched Boüret in 2010.

They met at a school in A Coruña where they both studied fashion design. When they finished each one went on their way, Noela went to London to complete her studies at the prestigious St. Martins School and specialize in Theater and Costume Design..

Vanessa was featured in several competitions, becoming the Best Young Galician Designer of the year 2005 and winning the Heering Spain in 2008, as well as training in the IED with a Master in Fashion Management and Business Management.

After Noela worked for INDITEX and a design studio and Vanessa for CH Carolina Herrera y Sfera.

After the time they met again and decided to actually do the dream they had planned in school, which today is Boüret.